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Is your money burning a hole in your pocket?  Are you rolling in so much cash and so many coins that you don't know what to do with yourself?  Are you perhaps itching to just get rid of the pesky wad of cash in your pocket?  Is your wallet not closing like it used to?  I am here to help!  Get rid of it, now!

Click the Paypal button up top and give me your money. I'll take it off your hands!  I have quite the opposite problem, and I can assure you that I have plenty of space in my sad…sad… wallet.  So help me , help you! Get rid of it, now!

Money cannot buy happiness.  So get rid of it, and you should begin to feel happier, almost immediately.  Still not feeling the effects of getting rid of that burdensome cash?  Feel free to get rid of more.  If you still cannot feel the side effects, try getting rid of some change or bitcoins until you feel the effect, I will stick with you until you have gotten rid of all of your money.  Get rid of it, now!

Are you considering dishing out a high interest, risk-filled loan?  Skip the hassle!  I will take out all of the guess work!  Get rid of the money that you wish to loan, and I guarantee that you will not see a return; not a penny, euro, pound, yen, peso, or whatever your currency might be (see there, I practice equal opportunity…). I PROMISE! I'd offer to kick you in the genitals to make this option seem more like a high risk investment, but then I'd actually have to produce an action...which would make this a sale AND a verbal contract, and I'm not about making things complicated.  All you have to do is Get rid of it, now!

Are you in a higher tax bracket than you would like to be?  I can fix that for you.  Just set up an allotment to me coming out of your check, pre-tax of course, and get yourself down to that nice cozy tax bracket.  Get rid of it, now.

At this point, you may be thinking to yourself," This sounds too good to be true.  What's the catch..."  That's the beauty of it.  There is no catch; no gimmicks, no strings attached.  I'm just a guy trying to help out someone in desperate need. You may be even asking," Why isn't there a charge for this amazing opportunity?"  Yes, you guessed it, I do have an amazing answer.  Why charge when helping people is payment enough?  Get rid of it, now.

If you have stuck with me this far, feel free to give me whatever you cannot stand to have.  A penny?  A dollar?  A five?  A hundred?  A Thousand?  A Hundred Thousand?  Millionaires and Billionaires need not fret!  I help all of those in need of this money dumping opportunity!  Paypal will even allow you to set up recurring payments for as low as pennies at a time!  I am willing to take on your burden!

Get rid of it, now!

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